Closed Loop Events


Ecobuild 2013, heralded as the largest sustainable construction trade show in the world, commissioned Duncan Baker-Brown (Senior Lecturer Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton & Director of BBM Sustainable Design) to design and build a 9m high Waste Totem to draw visitorsʼ attention to the massive issues relating to waste & resource security that are face us all today.

The Waste Totem was placed in the central axis between the two ExCel halls, signposting and raising the issue of material waste in all visitorsʼ minds, and featuring 20 waste slogans that won a recent twitter competition.


Waste Zone

Following the success of the Waste Zone at Ecobuild back in 2013 BBM have been invited back to curate the WasteZone at this years event.
The WasteZone is dedicated to the discussion of the huge potential of waste as a valuable resource, rather than a problem. Come and hear talks by experts from worlds as diverse as resource management, design & architecture, politics, product and systems design; and a new generation of forward thinking suppliers, urban miners, up-cyclers, hackers, and material bankers.
The WasteZone will help you navigate a route away from our ‘current take, make, throw away’ society towards intelligent closed loop systems where waste is seen as food for either an organic natural ‘bio-sphere’ or the humanmade ‘tech-sphere’.
The WasteZone discussions will be supported by an inspirational exhibition of products, materials, buildings, and new digital platforms and films. The exhibition showcases work that enables an emergent circular economy and proves “that there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place”.


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