Theaklen Drive


Clients: Hastings Borough Council

Responsibilities on project: Lead Consultant

Site completion: September 2014

Gross floor area: 640m2

U Values: 0.13 Wm2/k

Hastings Borough Council appointed BBM as lead consultant to deliver a low carbon refurbishment of a one thousand square metre light industrial unit originally built in the 1980’s at Theaklen Drive. The work was to be carried out with three of the four units with active tenants in place during site phase and was part funded under the European Union Interreg ACE (Answers to the Carbon Economy) programme.

The budget was very limited given the size of the building and early on in the feasibility stage, the design team had to scope the most effective range of refurbishment works to deliver in-use carbon savings as well as replace flat roof membrane and forty-eight roof lights which had reached the end of their serviceable life. To assist the evaluation a cost versus carbon saving analysis was carried out using IES thermal dynamic simulation modeling which uses annualized climatic data to generate the performance of the existing building against various eco-retrofit measures which could be applied.

Building on the work of the scoping work carried out with the Eco-Station retrofit at Bordon, the Design Team quickly developed a scheme solution which could demonstrably be shown to the Client as the most cost effective way of reducing carbon in the building whilst achieving the necessary refurbishment of the ailing weathering components of the building.

The project was completed within budget and programme.

As a template for further refurbishment, a similar exercise on a yet smaller budget was also carried out subsequently on similar units on the same industrial estate.


Commercial, Eco-Retrofit