Portable modular housing – Various brownfield sites, Brighton

Various Brownfield Sites, Brighton

Client: Contaframe

Status: Feasibility Study/ unbuilt

Date: Spring 2015

BBM were asked by a local company, Contaframe to look at converting ‘single use’ containers of non-standard dimensions into portable and stackable residential units for use on short lease brown field sites around urban areas. Two specific sites in Brighton were selected to test the modular approach.

Having looked at the shortcomings of extant container housing schemes which are characterised by poor internal comfort conditions and excessively narrow floor plates, BBM looked to find ways of externally insulating and cladding the units. The external cladding strategy would also need a modular and quick to erect and disassemble approach such as to allow the units to be truly portable.

The strategy for the portable modular housing would allow tricky to develop short lease sites to be cost effectively inhabited for a few years as the predominant cost of the asset would essentially be the kit of parts which could be relocated to similar short lease sites within the same or another conurbation. It is an idea which would suit some of the more severe and urgent housing needs of our times including student and sheltered housing requirements.

Spring 2015 Contaframe Commercial, Residential, Special projects and exhibitions, Unbuilt