Norfolk Park


Following the success of the Greenwich Millennium Village project, BBM teamed up with HTA again to deliver the winning submission for this huge regeneration project in Sheffield. The original 1960’s built estate enjoys a breathtaking location on a sloping site, with views of Sheffield city centre and the Peak District and all within five minutes tram ride from the centre of Sheffield. It is also adjacent to one of the oldest public parks in the country with a fine grove of ancient woodland.

Key Design Features – Extensive consultation with the existing community evolved the competition design to create a typology with popular and familiar features such as recognisable front and backs of houses, off street parking, individual gardens and a layout which afforded all house types with views across the valley.

BBM’s ideas for a community telework hub explored through their self directed project, CITYVISION were incorporated into the competition proposals in the form of the Teleservices Centre. It was noted during the scoping of the brief that Sheffield has very fine academic institutions and a large student population but the actual retention of the graduates in the Sheffield area into professional careers was very low. The Teleservices Centre was seen as a regeneration tool and as such would provide a wide range of training and entrepreneurial facilities to help stimulate new employment opportunities. The nearby primary school, which was said to have falling enrollment, would be tied in with these facilities with a view to making it a place of excellence. A new idea of a “community smart card” was also proposed to give the residents special access to information, services, and discounts.

The topography of the site offered some of the biggest design challenges. Indeed our analysis of some of the problems the estate suffers from are caused by the sometimes tortuous climbs between houses, schools and shops. One of the themes of our proposal was the “golden contour” which identifies a topographical route linking about 70% of the estate within 5 to 10m vertically either side.

Wind was another design determiner as the site is particularly exposed. The form of the housing has been considered to act as a buffer and to create more sheltered landscaped places within the body of the development.

BBM’s Involvement – During the competition stage, BBM produced the design ideas and pulled together design submission, including graphic design as well as propositional scheme design work. The consultation period, post competition was carried out in conjunction with HTA, who also project managed the process. BBM produced the first phase planning application.


Community/ Education, Master Planning, Residential