Merrow Park and Ride


On site project for Guildford Borough Council’s ‘park and ride’ scheme. Built with specialist supplier Modcell.

Guildford Borough Council have commissioned a team of designers lead by BBM Sustainable Design to build a new park and ride shelter made entirely from environmentally sustainable materials. The building utilises a brand new prefabricated construction system called MODCELL which comprises highly engineered timber frames infilled with straw bales from local farmers. The system itself is constructed in a ‘flying factory’ less than 5 miles from the site and helps create a super insulated low energy building. The building will be finished externally with sweet chestnut cladding from local coppices, and windows made from a Radiata Pine normally used for paper pulp but ‘pickled’ by a company called Accoya so that it becomes as durable as hardwood but remains as light as softwood. Some of the electricity for the building is generated by an array of photovoltaic panels situated on the roof which is finished in a growing mat of sedum flowers which will create some much needed habitat for bees while keeping the building warm in winter and cool in summer. The design and construction team first came together last year when they built Europe’s first ever pre-fabricated house in 6 days live on Channel 4’s Grand Designs Live with Kevin McCloud.


Community/ Education