Live Research Project


Over the years BBM have tested ideas around sustainable development and closed loop systems with live build projects such as the RIBA FutureHouse, The House That Kevin Built for Channel 4’s Grand Design Live, SparrowHouse, and more recently The Brighton Waste House.

We are now developing ideas for a new live project that will study the huge potential of our cities to provide ready-made materials, components, and even whole buildings for new developments. Some people call this process  ‘urban mining’, but we are calling this project



Now that over 80% of the UK’s population live in urban environments, metropolitan areas attract most of the 600 million tonnes of human-made products consumed annually. These areas are responsible for most of the 200 million tonnes of waste generated each year. Naturally it will be our cities that can most effectively turn these wasteful linear systems into circular closed loop ones.

Working with our partners, BBM Closing the Loop will audit prospective buildings, looking at their potential for de-construction. We will also analyse new sites and programmes to assess the numerous opportunities for an architectural response that uses elements of the deconstructed building to improve the proposed reconstruction.

Our DE/CONSTRUCT RE/CONSTRUCT project will be combined with a Resource Mapping exercise carried out near to the new development site, to uncover even more sustainable material sources for construction.

If you have an unwanted building why not contact BBM Closing the Loop? Our team can look at the viability of finding your building another useful life instead of sending it to landfill or incineration. We are also happy to advise on new-build projects without a deconstruction element.

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