Leaf Yard


Clients: Private

Responsibilities on project: Lead Architect

Site completion: September 2015

Gross floor area: 150m2

Build Rate: £2849.60/m2

U Values: Roof 0.10 // floor 0.11 // walls 0.14

Leaf Yard is a new-build house situated in Lewes, East Sussex. The House occupies half of a recently divided residential plot and replaces part of an old stable block shared with a neighbouring property. The new house is arranged to with an upper and lower ground floor due to the change of level across the site.

The lower ground floor is effectively single aspect with the rear of the footprint retaining a full storey height. Along with an entrance lobby there is a shower room and wc, a utility room and bedroom/study. Along the long retaining wall is a large cupboard for storing a significant amount of personal effects as the house does not have a loft space.

The upper ground floor has two further bedrooms, both facing east to the long distance views across the valley towards Malling. One of the bedrooms has an en suite bathroom. The kitchen occupies the centre of the upper floor plan with the dining space immediately off towards the garden façade and the upper entrance towards the shared access side of the house. A large cannoned rooflight provides a dramatic source of daylight above the kitchen. The living room has three external walls and three sources of daylight, its main aspect is onto a central courtyard garden.

The house is constructed with an airtight timber frame construction with an external leaf of brickwork. A double timber frame structure was used creating an insulated zone of 225mm inside of the brickwork finish, resulting in a super insulated building fabric with roof u-values of 0.10 // floor 0.11 // walls 0.14. The upper ground floor area features a super insulated floor construction with a polished screed finish, this combined with carefully considered large glazed openings allows for maximum passive solar gain and thermal mass heat storage. The new house also makes use of an MVHR system reclaiming energy from the extracted air of kitchen and wetroom spaces to be re-used to heat bedroom and living spaces.

Interiors, Residential