Framfield, East Sussex

Project: New dwelling

Client: Private

Project status: Unbuilt

BBM were approached by a private client to conceive a new approach to building a one-off dwelling within a disused and long-vacant agricultural plot in the Framfield area. The site is outside of the local development boundary and planning permission for a residential property would only be considered through the aims and ambitions of Paragraph 79 of the Nation Planning Policy Framework, which states that any new development would need to:

– be truly outstanding or innovative, raising standards of design in rural areas;
– reflect the highest standards in architecture; significantly enhance its immediate setting; and
– be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.

The final outcome was an innovative project which tested how repurposed materials could be acquired near to the site prior to the build and then used in the construction of the new building. By using our “Resource Map” technique, we located enough materials for 90% of the project to be built either with pre-used waste materials found within 20 miles of the building site that did not require re-processing, or with materials grown locally.

This project demonstrates that there is little need to rely so heavily on the mining of new resources from around the world. Instead, we can build with materials discarded by others; mining existing local material sources that have been processed during the current geological era ‘the Anthropocene’.

Closing the loop