Community Base

Community Base

Brighton, East Sussex

Project: Eco refurbishment of office block

Project Status: On Site

Architect & Principle Designer: BBM Sustainable Design Ltd

Project Manager / Quantity Surveyor : MacConvilles

Structural Engineer: HOP Engineers

Contractor: Facade Concepts

Contract Sum: £1.1 Million

The Community Base office building in central Brighton underwent a major eco-refurbishment of nearly all of its external walls with a view to substantially lowering the carbon footprint, reduce running costs by approximately 26% and extend the life of the building for decades to come. Winters will be warmer and summers cooler for the diverse occupants using this very popular building and iconic Brighton & Hove City landmark.

The old 1960’s exterior panels had ‘concrete cancer’ and provided little defence against the salty marine air of Brighton. The inner steel bars had started to rust which in turn cracked the concrete shell. In place of the existing panels is a new skin combining specialised aluminium panels, a thick layer of insulation and new double glazed windows.

The building accommodates over thirty charitable organisations and heating costs were a big concern looking into the future. It is hoped the works will make the spaces not only more economic to occupy but also more comfortable.

Commercial, Eco-Retrofit