Closing the loop

BBM are pleased to announce the launch of our circular economy consultancy BBM Closing the Loop! This consultancy satisfies the needs of those in the construction industry supply chain, such as designers, architects, and developers, who are becoming increasingly aware of the potential benefits that a truly circular economy can bring to a building project.

BBM Closing the Loop draws on over 25 years of experience developing and testing ideas relating to the circular economy to provide collective knowledge acquired from working on funded research programmes, experimental live-build projects, and the day to day practice of an architecture that is committed to working in harmony with the earth.

Within our own architecture practice we design buildings as material banks for the future, and use resource maps to find recycled or reused material flows near development sites. BBM Closing the Loop can show you how to benefit from a circular economy in ways that are tailored to your business.

Our circular economy consultancy services include:
– Employing a local area Resource Map of potentially useful but often over-looked material flows near development sites.
– Identifying strategies for material re-use or recycling, as well as reducing the amount of material used on a project
– Auditing design ideas for closed loop strategies including creating future Material Banks, Material Passports, and alternative supply chain procurement routes.

If you are interested in finding out more about how BBM Closing the Loop can benefit your project please ask one of our team or contact us on or