Built Ecologies

Touring Exhibition Lewes, London, Brighton

Built Ecologies is a retrospective of the work BBM have carried out since the practice formalised in 1997. This exhibition seeks to explore how the practice has translated the ‘natural supply chain’ of materials from the landscape into architectural form and how this brings the work a sense of belonging.

The focus has initiated a discussion around the issues of developing a new local vernacular architecture utilising and even rediscovering local materials, labour and construction techniques. However, this is not a revival of old fashioned looking buildings. BBM’s work tackles modern briefs with up to date technology and with an aesthetic freedom which is every bit as functionally truthful as the golden age of modernism. It is just that the materials are minimally processed and locally sourced.

The exhibition toured various sites through 2007 and 2008 including:

  • Star Brewery Gallery, Lewes
  • Grand Parade, University of Brighton, Brighton
  • Jubilee Library, Brighton
  • The Royal Institute of British Architects, London


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