Varndean Gardens


Construction Time: Nine Months

Completion Date: April 2012

Gross Floor Area: 122 m2 increased to 161m2

Contract Value: £283K + £20K landscape + VAT

Build Rate: £1,760/m2 + VAT

‘U’ Values: Roof – 0.09W/m2K. Walls – 0.15W/m2K. Floor – 0.15W/m2K.

EPC Rating: ‘A’

Renewable Energy: 4KWp PV array, solar thermal panels

Carbon Impact: 12.0kg of CO2 per metre squared per annum.

Main Contractor: Chalmers & Co.

The brief for the refurbishment of 40 Varndean Gardens was for an eco-retrofit of a house originally built by the father of one of the clients dating from the 1950s. Some extra space was created as part of the works, a new staircase, new fittings and finishes throughout, as well as a new garden, a thorough energy efficiency upgrade to the existing fabric of the house and a large 4KWp array of photovoltaic panels. From actual energy use data, the suite of works carried out have resulted in an amazingly low carbon footprint in use of around 12.0kg of carbon per metre squared per annum. This is a particularly impressive achievement for a non-terraced property.

Eco-Retrofit, Residential