Vane Close


This project aimed to transform a series of Hampstead townhouses with an extensive remodelling of the front gardens and interior spaces with high quality finishes and fittings and new forms of natural and artificial light.

The initial refurbishment took place in 1999 and followed on from a much smaller project in an adjacent property from 1998.

Limited external works included building porches within the existing entrance canopies and a formal garden treatment. The theme was to create a contemplative space. The centrepiece of the diminutive garden is a water rill which is filled from a welling pool. The trickling overflow makes enough background noise to distance the nearby high street traffic. Bamboo and a seat on the axis of the rill complete the effect.

A theme of sliding surfaces was used throughout the interiors to expand and contract space and modify natural light with opaque and diffused materials. The result has transformed the old dimly lit rooms with richer and brighter effects of light and space.

In 2005, BBM finished the third of these Hampstead townhouses for the same Clients. All three had been executed with meticulous attention to detail by the specialist joinery led contracting firm of Max Ott Limited.