The House That Kevin Built

London Docklands
Built in six days and live on television, THTKB is thought to be the first building in the UK to achieve an A+ energy performance certificate.

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‘The House that Kevin Built’ was an innovative project to design and construct live on television a highly sustainable domestic property over a period of 6 days using a combination of ‘offsite’ innovative and interesting building systems and materials.

The project, carried out in collaboration with Talkback Thames TV and Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud was executed outside the Excel centre in London’s docklands in conjunction with The Grand Designs Live show from 4 May 2008.

Highlights of the construction were shown nightly on Channel 4’s programme ‘Grand Designs Live’ which was broadcast live from a stage ‘setup’ adjacent to the building site.

‘The House that Kevin Built’ was dismantled at the end of the show and will be re-erected at the Building Research Establishment’s Innovations Park.

‘The House that Kevin Built’ formed the prototype for The Waste House, completed in 2014, the first permanent ‘carbon negative’ public building in Europe, that obtained Full Planning & Building Regulations Approvals. Constructed from approximately 90% waste, surplus material & discarded plastic gathered from the construction and other industries, the project houses a ‘live’        on-going research project focusing on the new bio-based construction materials as well as an open studio for use by local community groups, businesses, schools & colleges.

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