Hertfordshire Headquarters Building


1. The site has a number of significant physical influences immediately adjacent to it, not least the science building and the John Innes malus orchard.

2. The form of the proposed buildings is heavily influences by existing vehicular routes and footpaths,as well as desire lines.

3. There are significant views at ground and first floor level. This has influenced the planning & massing of our scheme.

4. The design is informed by its ability to be built in phases if required.

5. The site is like an island with roads on 3 of its 4 boundaries. Our design creates an inward focussed courtyard.

6. The mass of the buildings creates a sheltered courtyard that allows Sun light in throughout the year.

7. This simple collection of buildings around a courtyard naturally allows for individual elements to express themselves.

8. We have chosen very familiar forms that perhaps resemble agricultural buildings and married them with innovative planning and materials.

9. ‘Loft’ areas in the pitched roofs to the two main buildings accommodating both client organisations can easily be extended into as a simple first stage of expansion when needs be. The site also allows for more traditional extensions Southward.Pitched roofs can accommodate future solar thermal and pv tiles. Flat roofs over the entrance block (finished in sedum) will also accommodate more conventional pv tiles.