Dryad Housing


Dryad housing was a study for additional space and retrofitting the existing buildings up to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 compliance. 

We were asked to look in to; the aesthetic implications of upgrading the thermal performance (‘U’ Values) of the building fabric, the construction methods required to achieve the ‘benchmarks’, to work with the outcomes of a previous feasibility study and appraise it.

To really understand what was required to upgrade levels of comfort and performance in the homes we need to ascertain and ‘benchmark’ how they currently perform. This information was gathered by undertaking an accurate measured survey of the topography, the height and position of existing tress and the exact size and position of all dwellings. BBM also interviewed many of the tenants. The anecdotal evidence gleaned from these conversations has proved invaluable and demonstrated (among other things) that the environmental and thermal comfort of individual dwellings varied enormously depending upon the proximity and overshadowing of trees and other buildings, as well as the quality of the building fabric.

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