COMSTATION follows on from earlier work carried out by BBM through their CITYVISION project looking at neighbourhood telework hubs. The COMSTATION is a commercial variant of the theme and earmarked for railway stations, where they can be erected as a series of prefabricated modules over railway land and parking lots. The facility aims to give customers an attractive alternative to the daily commute.

The key to the COMSTATION’s viability will be to attract current rail and road commuters to use the facility as an alternative to traveling long distances to their usual place of work. The communications facilities and supporting professional environment will minimise the effects of working remotely from the office, but at the same time open up powerful new benefits of convenience and choice to the customer. For rail travellers, the centre will work best if their train tickets can gain them discounted access to the facilities. This will almost certainly mean a major partner in a COMSTATION will be the rail operator.

The idea should be particularly attractive to both rail companies and commuters. Firstly to the rail operator it will offer a relatively inexpensive and direct means of reducing peak time congestion, without having to invest in extra rolling stock and intensifying timetables. To the commuter it will eliminate travel time and associated stress and offer all the conveniences of being closer to home and family.

COMSTATION’s construction concept is based on modular and prefabricated techniques and will afford very quick erection times and the ability to expand and contract to suit demand. Components can be assembled at a rail head, where factory potential already exisits and transported cross country on low loader wagons, in much the same fashion as sea containers.

The centre itself will house tele-conference / seminar rooms, hardware support, expert I.T. advice and a range of varied workspaces. The ultimate goal will be a working environment and facilities capable of removing the distance barrier between home and work.


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